At first glance, this Joel Di Mauro guitar looks to be about as non-traditional as a classical guitar can get. But on closer examination, its traditional pedigree shines through. The top is braced with in the classic fan pattern and the body is well-proportined and quite comfortable to play. But turn it over and you get to see its striking 5-piece back, which is constructed from Avodire and Ebony. Avodire is light-colored wood in the mahogany family and it tends to have a slightly richer timbre with more overtones than its daker cousins. This is a fine sounding guitar that works well for the standard classical repertoire but its clarity might also appeal to jazz players looking for a different sound.

About Joel Di Mauro: Joel Di Mauro began building classical guitars in 2012 under the tutleage of Brian Burns in Fort Bragg, California. Di Mauro also studied different aspects of guitar construction with Harry Fleishman, Al Calderon and Matt Mustapick. Di Mauro builds 3 to 4 guitars a year in his small workshop in Santa Cruz, California. His uses traditional methods of construction but he also likes to experiment with more unusual tonewoods. When he's not playing music or building guitars, Joel Di Mauro is a career firefighter.

stock no. 54790

Model#18 Classical
TopEngelmann Spruce
Back and sidesAvodire & Ebony
Nut width2"
Scale length650mm
Bridge materialEbony
Fretboard MaterialEbony
Neck materialMaple
BracingAsymmetrical Fan
CaseOrig. Hard
Serial No18