Another "Really? This is USED?" Martin, and a fine recent one at that. There are a couple of small dings to the finish on the top, and a few scuffs on the cutaway side at the waist from being played by somebody with the wrong kind of stuff in his pants pocket. But this is essentially a new Martin that lived somewhere else, in its case, for a couple of years. These deluxe E models come from the factory with a Fishman Aura VT pickup system installed. Note the original brown case, in similar condition as the guitar.

stock no. 55345

TopSitka Spruce
Back and sidesIndian Rosewood
Frets to body14
Nut width1 3/4"
Scale length25.4'
Bridge spacing2 1/8"
Bridge materialEbony
Fretboard MaterialEbony
Neck profileModified Low Oval w/ PA Taper
ElectronicsFishman Aura VT Enhance
BracingNon-Scalloped, Forward Shifted X
CaseOrig. Hard
Serial No2065662