We're always going on and on about how 12-fret guitars deliver more bass response than a 14-fret version with the same woods and body size, because the shorter neck puts the bridge closer to the center of the soundboard. This Grand Concert 12-string is perhaps the best proof of that as you'd never guess it was such a relatively small guitar if you heard it in a blindfold test. Big sound with a smooth bottom end, and a very comfortable guitar to hold in your lap.

This particular guitar has been played, there's very light fret wear under the B & E strings but it's confined to the first three frets. There's a few light scuffs and very shallow dings to the finish. Looks like somebody played this with something in their right front pants pocket, so there are a few dents in the finish at the waist on the treble side. There was also a short hairline crack in this treble-side waist area which was glued and reinforced by the Gryphon Repair Dept. Original case is super clean.

stock no. 58676

Model562ce 12-Fret
Back and sidesMahogany
Frets to body12
Nut width1 7/8"
Scale length24 7/8"
Bridge materialEbony
Fretboard MaterialEbony
Neck materialMahogany
ElectronicsExpression System 2 (ES 2)
Serial No1102106069
BracingX Bracing
CaseOrig. Hard