Built on the same platform as the other Loudbox amplifiers, this is the largest model. It has two channels, a few onboard effects, and a good amount of power and clarity for the stage environment all available at fairly affordable price. This one is in fantastic shape and is ready for a new stage.

stock no. 49631

ModelPRO-LBX-700 Loudbox Performer
ControlsGain, low, mid, high, anti-feedback, effect level A, effect A, effect B, time, depth, aux level, master volume
CoverSold separately
Dimensions18.2” H x 15.8” W x 11.5”
Effect loopsYes
EffectsChorus, flanger, delay, echo, and slap echo
Foot switchesSold separately
Power180 watts, bi-amped
Speakers8" woofer, 5" midrange, 1" tweeter
SwitchesPhase, pad, effect, channel mute, tweeter, phantom 24V
Weight29.4 lbs
Serial NoE110942