This is an impressive all-mahogany tenor, the fit and finish quality is right up there with Collings. Made in Japan just a few years ago by a small workshop, except for the bridge and the headstock shape all the appointments and style details are based on Martin's 1T. There's one little fingernail or pick trail to the finish on the top, just down from the soundhole, and one little prick to the top finish behind the tie block portion of the bridge from when the first string tie didn't hold. Neck is straight, string action nice and low, Comes with an excellent hardshell case, these sold for almost $1500 when new a few years ago.

stock no. 54978

ModelTT-1M Tenor
Topsolid Honduras mahogany
Back and sidessolid Honduras mahogany
Frets to body14
Nut width1 3/8"
Scale length17"
Bridge materialIndian rosewood
Fretboard MaterialIndian rosewood
Neck materialsolid Honduras mahogany
Total frets19
TunersGotoh 4 to 1
Serial No1501027
Bindingfaux tortoiseshell