The Deering Sierra is the workhorse of the Deering line. It's a high grade bluegrass banjo without the glossy finish and additional binding to up the cost. This 2015 model is in excellent condition with very light fret wear and almost no finish wear. The sound of the brass tone ring is right up there with higher grade models (shell construction is identical to higher models) and it can stand up to any demand that a bluegrass band can ask of it. If you're looking for a professional quality entry level instrument give this one careful consideration. Price includes it's original hardshell case.

stock no. 51119

ModelSierra, Maple 5 String
Nut width1 1/4"
Scale length26 1/4"
Fretboard MaterialEbony
Neck materialMaple
Neck profileSlender
FlangeOne piece cast zinc
ShellThree-ply maple
Tone ringBell bronze
CaseOrig. Hard
Serial No10614113T490
InlayOriginal Deering designed
Total frets22