A banjo from our favorite local builders (if 130 miles away is local), and one of his most interesting and different models. The "Wood-O-Phone" part of the model description refers to the tone ring, Chuck Waldman's version of the classic Vega "Tubaphone" tone ring, but Chuck makes his version out of wood instead of nickel-plated brass. As a result, despite the 12" inch diameter, this banjo weighs barely 5 pounds! With nylon strings, the 12 inch head on a deep shell, and scroll headstock, this captures a lot of the 19th Century minstrel banjo vibe, and the mellow tone makes it great for vocal backup. This has been played, and the unplated brass hardware has tarnished a bit giving it a nice patina. Waldman uses a very thin finish and there's some shallow wear to the finish on neck, up around the heel, which we're guessing is from a ring or perhaps the buckle on a strap. Not noticeable unless you look closely. Comes with a nice hardshell case.

stock no. 57669

ModelWood-O-Phone Minstrel 12" 5 String
Nut width1 5/16"
Scale length25 1/2"
Fretboard MaterialEbony
Neck materialCherry
Tone ringWood-O-Phone
ShellTwo-ply cherry
Total frets17
Serial No68