You don't normally think of opting for a mahogany top as a way to up the visual appeal of a fully carved Collings SoCo, but the figured mahogany Collings chose for this one, especially with the sunburst, really lights up. Add the cost of ThroBak pickups to the upcharge for a full body sunburst and you've got an expensive SoCo, at least when new a few years ago. Now it's used, but used very ittle and the price is a lot more reasonable. Barely any sign of fret wear, no nicks or dings, and the case is equally perfect.

stock no. 52433

ModelSoCo figured mahogany top, ThroBak PUs
Topcarved curly mahogany
Back and sidescarved mahogany
Frets to body15
Nut width1 11/16"
Neck materialmahogany
ElectronicsThrobak pickups
Body woodall mahogany
Serial No13390
Total frets22
CaseOrig. Hard