Purchased new in July of 2013, this Huber Sammy Shelor model has the Huber "Tru-Tone engineered rim," Hubers HR-30 tone ring, and a radiused fingerboard. Has 5th string spikes at the 7th and 9th frets. Hasn't seen much use so the frets and even the original Huber head are perfect. Minor veneer checking to the back of the resonator (see photo 14) but it's hard to see and remember, all Gibson-style banjo resonators like this one are made with laminated (plywood) backs anyway regardless ow what wood they are made of. Comes with the original hardshell case which is in equally fine condition. If new this model sells for over $5300. A great sounding banjo.

stock no. 48148

ModelSammy Shelor HB-SS 5 String
Serial No812-40
CaseOrig. Hard
Tone ringHR-30
ShellSims "Tru-Tone"