This Taylor GA3-12 is in excellent condition with almost no signs of play wear. It was made in 2011 during a period when Taylor experimented with changing their model naming format. They went back to their classic three digit naming system a year or two later, so in the resurrected naming system the GA3-12 would be a 346, or a Grand Auditorium 12-string with sapele sides and back and a Sitka spruce top. At this time, Taylor isn't building any Grand Auditorium 12-strings, which I think is too bad because this instrument has very balanced tone, with a good bass response with clear trebles. Taylor first made their reputation in the 1970s with their 12-strings, which were more playable than anything else being made at the time. Happily, Taylor has continued that tradition and this GA3-12 has great action with a well-shaped neck.

stock no. 56512

Back and sidesSapele
Nut width1 7/8"
Scale length25 1/2"
Bridge materialEbony
Fretboard MaterialEbony
Neck materialMahogany
ElectronicsK&K Pure Mini
Serial No11041311054