You can see this model on page 37 in the Custom Shop Yearbook article in Vol. 9 (2019) of Martin's "Journal of Acoustic Guitars." Considering all the Custom Shop guitars Martin produced in the 2010-2011 period, that's quite an honor. Following our description below you'll find the quote from Martin about this special model.

When first reading the specs, "baritone 12-string" sounds like an imposing combination but it's not really as modern or far-out as it sounds. Of course Pete Seeger played several earlier versions of this design, with long scale, big strings, and tuned down to B-flat, but Seeger didn't invent the idea of a long-scale 12-string tuned low. Instead, Pete was inspired by Leadbelly, the guy most folk and blues fans consider the Father of the 12-string. We've strung and tuned this one to B, which is the same tuning used on most baritone acoustics. The result is a rumbling bottom end and a mid-range chime unlike anything you've probably played. The long scale may make your favortie hot licks a bit harder to play, but it's a "less is more" guitar and you'll find the sustain and tone of this Jumbo will carry even the most simple of arrangements. And modern capos work well (Seeger used a Shubb in his later years) so making it function like a 12-string tuned to D is no big deal.

This is #59 of a Limited Edition of 120 made to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Sing Out! magazine. The Fishman Matrix Infinity pickup, with mini volume and tone controls just under the lip of the soundhole, was an option for these Ltd. Ed. models and was installed at the factory.

It has been played a bit, so there are light finger-scuffs on the pickguard, and very minor marks on the back from shirt-buttons. No changes, certainly no cracks or damage, and the original case is equally clean with factory hang tag, case key, and Fishman user's guide for the pickup.

From Martin's "Custom Shop Yearbook" entry on this Ltd. Edition: "Pete Seeger was an iconic figure in American music for more than 75 years. As a member of The Weavers and throughout his long solo career, he fueled a revival of traditional music that continues today. His iconic songs "Where Have All the Flowers Gone," "Turn, Turn, Turn," and "If I Had a Hammer" defined a generation, and he also helped found Sing Out! magazine. This unique Pete Seeger tribute guitar was created as a limited edition in support of Sing Out!

stock no. 55567

ModelJSO Sing Out 60th 12-String Pete Seeger
Back and sidesIndian rosewood
Frets to body15
Scale length27.5"
Bridge materialebony
Fretboard Materialebony
Neck materialmahogany
ElectronicsFishman Matrix Infinity
Total frets21
TunersGrover mini, nickel
Serial No1502387
BracingX pattern