The 360 is Rickenbacker’s most iconic guitar model and its distinctive jangly tone helped define the sound of pop music in the '60s. It was also a vital tool for later players like Paul Weller of the Jam and Tom Petty. This particular example is in great shape and except for a few scratches under the low E string behind the bridge, and a couple of very small dings to the back, it is nearly perfect. There's very light fret wear (see photo 17) but the owner was primarily a jazz and acoustic player so this hasn't seen much use. Original case as shown.

stock no. 55017

Model360 Mapleglo
Topsolid maple
Back and sidessolid maple
Frets to body22
Neck materialmaple/walnut
Body shapesemi-hollow
Body woodmaple
Weight7.36 lbs
Pickups2 single coil
Total frets24
CaseOrig. Hard
Serial No10 30448
Electronicsall original