The shape and setup of the Halua Pamplona is inspired by the Hawaiian guitars made by Weissenborn in the 1920s but rather than koa, it’s made from a woven carbon fiber composite. Even the case is made from the same carbon fiber composite. This guitar was designed and built by the Norwegian Jørgen Jahr. The sound is similar to a traditional wooden Weissenborn or Hilo lap guitar. This particular guitar is fitted with a Sunrise magnetic pickup. This Halua is in excellent structural condition and very good cosmetic condition.

stock no. 57563

ModelStyle 1.5 Pamplona #3
TopCarbon Fiber
Back and sidesCarbon Fiber
Nut width2 1/4"
Scale length25"
Bridge materialCarbon Fiber
Fretboard MaterialCarbon Fiber
Neck materialCarbon Fiber
ElectronicsSunrise Pickup
CaseOrig. Hard
Serial Nonsn