No, the photos are not reversed, this is a rare Gibson left-handed Mastertone, purchased new from Mandolin Brothers in 2005. It hasn't seen much use so the frets are perfect and finish wear is almost zero. The only issue is that the dye in the case lining somehow bled into the finish on the resonator, resulting in dark lines on the back which are not part of the mahogany grain (you can see some of this in photos 3,4, & 5). In normal indoor lighting these somewhat erratic dark lines are not very noticeable, but in bright or outdoor light they're more obvious although the finish surface is just fine. There were also light stains on the edge of the original Remo head, which we replaced, but the original head is included. Since Gryphon doesn't have any left-handed banjo players on staff we probably won't be able to post a sound clip or video, but everything about this RB-250 suggests it will deliver that authentic Mastertone sound. The tone ring fits the rim snugly and everything about it is tight, solid, and original, including the Gibson-stamped bridge. Original hardshell case with "The Gibson" stencil on the lid.

stock no. 56474

ModelRB-250 L 5-string
Scale length26.4"
Fretboard Materialebony
Neck materialmahogany
Flangecast 1-piece
Shell3-ply maple
Tone ringOriginal flathead
Bindingcream celluloid
Left HandedYes
Total frets22
Tuners4-to-1 original
CaseOrig. Hard
Serial No2500535
Diameter11 inch