This amp was originally sold as new through Gryphon and has only had one owner. It was meticulously cared for and was not gigged with.This is the first iteration of the Carr Mercury and it’s one our favorite amps. It’s rated at 8 watts and with its built-in attenuator you can dial the amp down to 2, 1/2, or even 1/10th of a watt, and produce an amazing overdriven sound at a volume your neighbors will love. This example has the custom elegant cream and coco colors.

stock no. 55260

ModelMercury 1x12" Tan/Coco
Effect loopsno
Power8 Watts
SpeakersKingpin 60 12"
SwitchesCut, 4 position Attenuator,3 Position boost
Tubes12AX7(3) EL-34(1)
Serial No0308