The Jack Bruce signature fretless is built with a five-piece walnut neck and bubinga body, it's extremely stable and built for long sustain. The active electronics give you a lot of versatility and power, though the tone stays crisp and clean even at maximum volume on the bass controls. It shines in its overall simplicity. The ebony fingerboard is unadorned and as a result the curly figure in the bubinga body really pops out at you. With no fret markers and no dots, you'd think it would be hard to play, especially on a dark stage. That's where the fun comes in. Each side dot on the fingerboard is actually an LED that lights up with the flick of the mini-toggle below the bridge. Your typical 3, 5, 7, and 9 are all red LEDs, whereas the two octaves at 12 and 24 are green. This is a nice way to have a stripped down look but still know where you are no matter where you are playing. This instrument is in excellent condition, though there are some dents down near the jack. Otherwise it is in great lightly used condition.

stock no. 45799

ModelJack Bruce LTD Signature Fretless Thumb Bass #55/107
Serial No55
CaseGig Bag