A beautiful mahogany Fly Classic in cherry red. Sold by Gryphon about a decade ago but it saw little use as the owner was, and still is, an acoustic guitar player (and a favorite customer for many years). The Fly just never landed at this guy's house. The original case and all the original paperwork, tremolo arm, etc. is included. You'd have a hard time finding a cleaner example. The Parker Fly was designed by Ken Parker and Larry Fishman, and was first produced in 1993. The Classic variation has a mahogany body and a basswood neck. The back of the guitar and the neckar encased in a carbon fibre/glass/epoxy composite material that provides the guitar with strength and rigidity, as well as increasing the guitar's sustain. One of Ken Parker's primary goals was to build a guitar with less mass than a traditional electric guitar but with the same or even more rigidity. The magnetic pickups were custom wound by DiMarzio and the piezo bridge pickup was designed by Larry Fishman. The bridge is Parker's proprietary aluminum design with a single spring vibrato. The tuners are locking Sperzels.

stock no. 56153

ModelFly Classic Cherry
CaseOrig. Hard
Serial No218128