Mesa/Boogie, best known for the amp of their namesake (Boogie), has put out a number of interesting variations over the years utilizing their signature master volume and cascading gain stage inputs. The DC-3, easily mistaken as a member of the "Mk" series, is known for its great overdrive tones. Though the two channels are marked "Rhythm" and "Lead" (indicated by a switch on the right hand side), there really isn't a particularly usable mid-gain tone and this amp seems to accelerate overall as a heavier gain generator though the two channels each have their own pre-amp tubes allowing for independent tone and gain settings. It's four EL84 power tubes give it plenty of volume (around 30-35 watts) but allow for earlier breakup than their EL34 big brother. While each channel has a master volume, there is also an output volume control for maximum volume and gain control. Equipped with both the FX loop and Graphic EQ that Mesa/Boogie's are known for, the DC-3 is compact but powerful combo amp perfect for any player who favors a heavier sound. This amp is lightly used and has only a little wear, some minor oxidation on the hardware, and comes with a slip cover and footswitch.

stock no. 59886

ModelDC-3 Dual Caliber
Foot switchesYes
Power35 Watts
Serial No002931