This is from the first run of Eric Clapton Martins, a model that marked the beginning of a long association with the artist who gave the 14-fret 000 a huge boost in popularity. This is number 95 of a total production of 461 (the number chosen because of Clapton's "461 Ocean Boulevard" comeback album). The condition is about as close to "mint" as a 25 year old guitar can get, and is original throughout, and includes the original TKL Deluxe hardshell case. The best description of the features are that it's a Style 42 body with a 1930s style 000-45 neck, inspired by Clapton's two vintage Martin 000 models that he played almost exclusively when performing on acoustic guitar.

There's a long story behind Dick Boak's efforts to get this model made. Boak knew Clapton's popularity and stature among guitarpickers would make it a hit, but Martin management was shy of artist models at this point, and the Martin Company had never done a limited edition with such a high number. Boak prevailed, and knew his career at Martin would be on the line if the 000-42 Eric Clapton Signature Model failed. Introduced at the NAMM trade show in Anaheim, all 461 examples were spoken for in first few hours of the show's opening, and some dealers sold low number versions for over list price. The 000-28EC followed later that year (with a numbered label but not limited) and essentially kicked off Martin's hugely popular Vintage Series. More limited edition Eric Clapton 000 models would follow, and Dick Boak's role as Martin's Artist Relations manager for the next 20+ years was assured.

stock no. 59120

Model 000-42 Eric Clapton 410 of 461
TopSitka Sprice
Back and sidesIndian Rosewood
Frets to body14
Nut width1 3/4"
Scale length24.9"
Bridge spacing2 1/4"
Bridge materialEbony
Fretboard MaterialEbony
Neck materialMahogany
InlayStyle 45 on top and neck
Neck profilerounded V
Total frets20
TunersMartin Butterbean
CaseOrig. Hard
Serial No562576
Bracingscalloped X pattern