We sold this Gibson when it was new and judging by the fret wear, and the small oval of bare maple on the back of the neck from the player's thumb, it's seen quite a bit of playing time. Not much wear to the finish, although the pickguard certainly shows the fingers and picks were glided across that celluloid surface for many hours. No cracks, only a couple of small crazing lines to the lacquer, and everything is original. Nice tone and plenty of volume with an impressive chord chop. Yep, the frets have wear but it plays well as it is and the pricing reflects the fact that for an active player a refret will be needed in the future. Some players might want the fretboard extension "scooped" so those upper frets don't get in the way of the pick while some players might prefer a more modern type of mandolin fret wire (both higher and wider), such as the frets you find on a new Collings or Northfield. And remember that you'll get 25% off the cost since you bought it at Gryphon! Nice original case.

stock no. 57508

ModelF-5L Mandolin
TopCarved spruce
Back and sidesCarved Figured Maple
Frets to body14
Nut width1 1/8"
Scale length13 7/8"
Bridge materialebony
Fretboard Materialebony
Neck materialcurly maple
Neck profilerounded V
Bracingtone bar
Total frets29
CaseOrig. Hard
Serial No5891089