Please note that these photos show the tailpiece without its original cover. We hadn't noticed until after the photos were taken that the tailpiece was also broken where it hinges over the tension hoop. It now has a new tailpiece of the same style that is complete with cover.

An attractive Deering banjo with all the right parts to deliver classic bluegrass banjo tone and volume. Comes with Scruggs pegs for the 2nd and 3rd strings as shown, and a Shubb 5th string capo has been installed. There's a little fret wear but the previous player used a lot of the fretboard so the wear isn't concentrated in one position and the original frets have a lot of miles left on them. There's minor finish wear to the back of the resonator but you can tell from these photos that overall the condition is very good throughout. Comes with a TKL hardshell case, there are a few small holes in the case covering but the case is solid, all the latches are tight and the interior is excellent.

stock no. 52336

ModelMaple Blossom 5 String
Neck materialCurly rock maple neck sta
Shell3 ply maple
ResonatorCurly maple resonator stained dark walnut
Tone ringDeering Bronze Tone Ring
BindingWhite celluloid
InlayFlower motif inlays
CaseOrig. Hard
Serial No12101994-3118
Diameter11 inch