A very clean RB-250, all original parts and finish. Now has a new head, was recently set-up here at Gryphon. Not much fret wear, no significant wear to the neck, you can plainly see that a Shubb 5th string capo was added. All the nickel plating is in great shape but shows some slight tarnish, please check the photos.

This banjo has only one cosmetic issue: the back of the resonator has a lot of indentations in the lacquer. The finish is still solid, there's no bare wood showing, and as you can see from these photos from most angles the indentations don't even show. But "the wear is there," as they say, so we want you to be aware of it. This banjo is on consignment, there's enough lacquer on that resonator that it could be wet-sanded and then buffed and would look a lot better but we'll leave that decision to the next owner. At first glance you might think this was from jean rivets or a belt buckle, but the indentations are too random and I'm guessing they are from something that was put in the bottom of the case and the banjo lived on top of it whenever it was put in the case. Spiral-bound songbook, perhaps? Strap with a plastic buckle? Whatever, this comes with the original TKL case with gold Gibson stencil on the lid.

stock no. 52407

ModelRB-250 5 String
Frets to body22
Fretboard Materialebony
Neck materialmahogany
Flangeone piece flange
Shell3-ply maple
Tone ringflathead
Serial No250-92-7
CaseOrig. Hard