The average Les Paul Studio model is not typically valued at $2100 so it's understandable if this price tag raises a few eyebrows. This particular guitar has been outfitted with a genuine Parsons/White B Bender, a $2100 service in and of itself, allowing the player to raise the pitch of the B string by a user-set amount (usually a whole step) simply by pulling the guitar down against the shoulder strap. The original B Bender was developed by Gene Parsons for Clarence White when they were in the recording studio and discovered a need for doing pedal steel type string bending on a Telecaster. White previously accomplished this by bending the string behind the nut with his free hand while fretting and playing the E and B string. Parsons came up with the idea of implementing the pedal steel mechanism in the guitar and the rest is history (White used this feature quite a lot in the Byrds around the Sweetheart of the Rodeo era). Fortunately, the B Bender can be used in more applications than just a country twang sound, and the application of the mechanism in a Gibson leads to expanded voicings, creative melodic figures, and much more. So throw on your favorite suede backed strap and pull down on the neck and explore the possibilities. Comes with a Gibson case, the Parsons Bender installation paperwork, and a fresh set-up.

stock no. 51749

ModelLes Paul Studio w/ Parsons B Bender
Serial No91130534
CaseOriginal Hard