This Hamer Standard was built in 1979, just five years after the company was founded. It has a four digit serial number, marking it as one of the original handful of Standards made before Hamer moved to Arlington Heights, Illinois and ramped up production. This particular guitar appears to be a custom order. It has an all-black finish, a feature that wasn't offered on stock guitars until 1980. It also has a bound fretboard and dot inlays in the fretboard, an unusual combination for the period. (Bound fretboards were normally paired with crown-shaped inlays.) The body is solid Honduran mahogany and it’s fitted with the original DiMarzio PAF Humbuckers with double cream bobbins. The bridge is a Schaller Sustain Block, which was an option instead of the Gibson-style stop tailpiece. This guitar is in excellent structural condition. The frets do show a slight amount of wear but they do have lots of life left in them. The black finish is also in great shape overall but there are two marks at the nut where a stand with a vinyl support melted the lacquer. Includes a recent vintage hardshell case.

stock no. 58275

Nut width1 9/16"
Scale length25"
Fretboard MaterialRosewood
Neck materialMahogany
Body woodHonduran Mahogany
PickupsDiMarzio PAF Humbuckers
TunersGrover Rotomatics
Serial No0219
Weight8.86 lbs