If you check photo 16, you'll see the original control plate, plus the original bridge cover. The control plate on the guitar now is an Emerson, with high quality pots and cap, but of course you can switch back to the original if you choose. The rest of this Tele is original, including the frets and all the finish. There's a spot of wear to the lower side near the output jack (see photo 6), and there are the typical tiny cracks around some of the screws in the original pickguard. Note the horizontal crazing lines in the top and back finish. Nice original case.

stock no. 55988

ModelTelecaster Sunburst
Fretboard Materialrosewood
Neck materialmaple
Pickupssingle coil
Tunersoriginal Fender
CaseOrig. Hard
Serial NoS839602
Weight8.18 lbs