The serial number marks this Strat as a 1977, but the pot codes are from 1976 (in case you care). What you should care about is this is a nice, light Strat, well under 8 lbs, and it's been refretted here at Gryphon. The new frets mean it's far more playable than your usual mid-'70s Strat that's never been used as this is not an era known for great fret jobs (by any guitar manufacturer). This Strat includes the the bridge cover and tremolo arm. Check the photos carefully, note that there is some finish checking on the face and back, but it's a fine pattern of horizontal lines and not at all ugly. The maple neck on a black Strat with black pickguard is a classic, and this one plays as good as it looks.

stock no. 57024

Nut width1 5/8"
Scale length25.5"
Fretboard MaterialMaple
Neck materialMaple
Body woodAlder
CaseOrig Hard
Serial NoS769435
Weight7.96 lbs.