A nice mid-70's Gibson Mastertone that's in great condition with almost zero fret wear and a nice new head. The circular "Gibson" sticker that was on the inner wall of the shell is missing, although you can see remnants of it in photo 12 (these frequently come loose as the self-adhesive on the back wasn't exactly made to last ages). Comes with a good hardshell case, but it's probably newer than the banjo and not the original. The nickel plating has some tarnish, especially on the coordinating rods inside the shell. An original Gibson Mastertone made in Kalamazoo, Michigan for not much more than you'd pay for an import Mastertone copy,

stock no. 57100

ModelRB-250 5 String
Frets to body22
Scale length26.4"
Fretboard Materialebony
Neck material3-piece mahogany
Tone ringflathead
Total frets22
Tunersoriginal Gibson
CaseOrig. Hard
Serial No00200108
Flangetwo-piece flange