Straight from the 44-years-ago time machine as both the metal plating and the finish on this Mustang look almost new. Very little fret wear, only a few light shirt-button scuffs to the back (which could probably be buffed out), everything works just fine and nothing has been changed. Both the tremolo arm and the owner's manual are in the case and the "purchased in 1976) written on the back page of the manual suggests a rather detail-oriented original owner. Fender polishing cloth, bagged with the owner's manual, appears to have seen some use and we wouldn't be surprised if the owner spent more time polishing this Fender than they did playing it. Original black Fender case is also in good shape, but an unbattered "Fender" badge on the lid.

stock no. 52399

ModelMustang Sunburst
Serial No408718
CaseOrig. Hard