Whoops! The dark spot on the back of the neck is just a smudge, we goofed and the photos were taken before the neck finish got cleaned. That dark area isn't there anymore, the back of the neck is a consistent color.

This is a real J. W. Gallagher, and a quite early one at that. Yes, the tuners are a bit chintzy (although they work just fine) and you'd never see tuners like that on a quality 12-string like this today, but in 1971 the tuner choices for 12-strings were really limited. We're guessing light weight, and close spacing to allow a relatively short headstock, was what Mr. Gallagher was after. 12 Grover Rotomatics or Schaller M-6s would have made the headstock so heavy the guitar wouldn't stay on your lap (Schaller Minis hadn't been invented yet in 1971).

There are no cracks, no damage, and the finish is all original, with original tuners and pickguard. There is wear to the finish. Original hardshell case is included. So why is this genuine Gallagher so cheap? Simple answer: the neck angle is shallow and the neck has more relief than most contemporary players prefer. It plays quite well if you're OK with higher-than-factory-standard string action, and it sounds terrific. If you want it to play like a new Taylor you'll need to invest in a neck reset. Based on our price you would still have a bargain even if you invested several hundred in changing the neck angle to lower the action.

stock no. 52673

ModelG45-12 Sitka/mahogany D
Back and sidesMahogany
Frets to body14
Nut width1 7/8"
Scale length25.4"
Bridge materialEbony
Fretboard MaterialEbony
Neck materialMahogany
Neck profileV
CaseOrig. Hard
Serial No303
BracingX pattern