Vega's iconic Peter Seeger PS-5 long neck went through a number of evolutionary changes in its relatively few years on the market, and this is one of the last versions. This Vega PS-5 was built with metal coordinating rods Grover Rotomatic guitar gears with the buttons sticking out to the sides. Rather than the "Tubaphone" tone ring, which the first PS-5s had, this tone ring has rectangular cut-outs which were also found on VegaVox models. Almost zero fret wear, making you wonder how much use this PS-5 saw, and suggesting that the "Vegalon Weatherproof" stamped head is the original as well. There is a some finish checking on the headstock and some minor finish loss at the heel, but other than that. The original friction 5th string peg has been replaced with a geared peg. (The original is included) This banjo is in fine condition.

stock no. 54175

ModelPS-5 Pete Seeger
Scale length32"
Shelllaminated maple
Tone ringTubaphone
Finishoriginal lacquer
CaseOrig. Hard
Serial NoM130267
Diameter10 15/16"