Gryphon has had this case for decades. The lining was fine when we got it, imagine our surprise when we opened it for the first time in many years and discovered that the foam was decomposing. This was several years ago, and of course it's only gotten worse since. Structurally the exterior of the case is fine, it could be relined, and for a 1968/'69 Martin D-45 this is THE case. We got this case in trade from Lundberg's Fretted Instruments in Berkeley, probably in the late '70s or early '80s, when Jon Lundberg was switching from dealing in vintage guitars to vintage clothing. But in the late 1960s Lundberg's was a major Martin dealer and when the D-45 was first reissued he sold a lot of them, including to guys who would form CS&N, and then CSN&Y, and others of that caliber. For anyone who played acoustic steel string guitar stopping by Lundberg's in Berkeley was a must when you were in the San Francisco Bay Area. Of course we don't know which 1968 D-45 was originally housed in this case, but many touring musicians were fond of Mark Leaf fiberglass cases (as long as they didn't have to carry them very far!) so maybe this D-45 case was never sold, maybe it was traded in a few years later, we don't know. What we do know is that this type of case was shown in Martin's original ads and flyers announcing the D-45. The small faded tag was on it when we got it and we have no reason to believe that the date isn't accurate. We're not sure, but to our recollection Martin only used this case for less than two years for its D-45 models.

stock no. 55638

ModelMartin D-45 CASE ONLY
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