A nice 1965 Strat from an estate, with moderate "honest wear" but all original. It's been languishing in its case for over a decade. Weighs in at 7.64 lbs with the tremolo arm. Neck date from December 2,'64, pot codes are early 1965, no dates in any of the body cavities. Original finish with no sign of touch-up or overspray. Typical buckle/jean rivets/shirt button indentations to the finish on the back, neck finish worn through as shown, most of the edge wear is to lower side. These photos pretty much tell the story but here are a few small details that may not show up. The edge dot at third fret is missing. One corner of spring cover has two cracks, another corner has a very slight crack. Original case has hinge issues so you have to hold the lid open when removing the guitar or putting it back in (case lid won't stay open ). Greenoid 'guard is pretty flat but has a slight rise at the edge next to the bass side of the neck pickup. Previous owner played with slightly longish nails on the left hand. Note the two spots of wear to the Brazilian rosewood fretboard behind the first and second frets.

stock no. 56418

ModelStratocaster Sunburst
Fretboard Materialrosewood cap
Neck material1-piece maple
Body woodAlder
TunersOrig. Kluson Deluxe
CaseOrig. Hard
Serial NoL51692
Weight7.64 lbs