This Hummingbird has seen quite a bit of use, along with its share of sunlight, giving the natural spruce top a tan with the cherry stain on the mahogany now a reddish brown. This is the longer scale version of the '65 Hummingbird, but although these are listed as having a 25 1/2 inch scale, on this 'bird the scale is barely over 25 1/4. Leave it to Gibson to keep us guessing. Original finish throughout, with original tuners and the keystone buttons are all in good shape. Original bridge with original ceramic saddle, and original pickguard with no warp. Has new frets by Gryphon, so it plays great and the longer scale gives it more snap and crackle than your typical Gibson dreadnought. This was made before Gibson began making their necks narrower, so there's plenty of room even for players with big fingers. A 6 inch hairline crack in the back has been repaired, along with a shorter 2 inch crack down at the bottom of the back which is even harder to find. There's a short crack from pickguard shrinkage at the end of the fingerboard (on the treble side) that has been repaired and cleated but you have to look at the lip of the soundhole to spot it. Please check the photos carefully to get a good idea of the nicks and dings to the surface. There is some weather checking to the lacquer on the face and on the sides, but very little checking to the back and neck. Also note the drivers license number scribed into the back of the headstock. This is a good solid Hummingbird, ready for action, with a cool vintage vibe and patina. Original hardshell case is included, worn but solid with some black tape along the lower edge of the lid. Has a Gibson logo underneath the handle.

stock no. 40950