Here's a grand old D-28 from the last months that Martin called the old North Street factory home. Although there had been a few requests for a contemporary reissue of the original 12-fret Dreadnought as early as the mid-1950s, Martin had made less than 10 of them unil 1962, when the folk revival was in full swing. The Martin dealer that was ordering most of these early D-28 S models was Wurlitzer in Boston, and starting in 1962 Martin gave these the "SW" suffix, for "Special Wurlitzer", as stamped on the neckblock of this one. 1964 was a big year for the D-28 SW, with 11 ordered, since by then Peter Paul & Mary were widely known and Peter Yarrow's big D-28 SW had lots of folkies wondering what his weird Martin was. By 1968 Martin was selling over a hundred S models per year, but this example is one of the first 20 D-28 SW models made. And although '64 was the year Martin abandoned the old multi-story North Street factory and moved to a sprawling new building on Sycamore Street, this D-28 SW was completed before the move and so has an even closer connection to those original Ditson models and 12-fret D-28 Dreadnoughts that followed in the early 1930s. Below is the condition report for this example.

Original finish throughout, with original tuners and pickguard. No significant cracks to the back, neck, and lower (treble) side, but there are some well-repaired hairline cracks to the bass side lower bout. There are also a couple of short hairline cracks to the rosewood back over the neckblock, as this did get an early neck reset by "slipping the neck block" (very well done, btw). The only crack to the top is a typical pickguard shrinkage crack under the high E string that runs from the pickguard to the bridge. Neck has been professionally reset and it was recently refretted. The ebony bridge is a replacement, and very slightly oversized (6 3/32" long, bridge tips 1 3/32" wide). Because of the size of the guitar the bridge still looks small! All internal bracing is original including the maple bridge plate. The tone and volume are impressive, and although it has a lot of bottom end the trebles are crisp and refuse to be buried by the bass response. Case provided by the owner (it's on consignment) is a flat-lid hardshell, more deluxe and substantial hardshell cases are available, just ask.

stock no. 57791

TopSitka spruce
Back and sidesBrazilian rosewood
Frets to body12
Nut width1 7/8"
Scale length25.4"
Bridge materialEbony
Fretboard MaterialEbony
Neck materialmahogany
InlayStyle 28
Neck profileVERY rounded V
RosetteStyle 28
Total frets20
Finishnitro lacquer
CaseImport Hard
Serial No196049
BracingStandard X pattern