Gibson J-50s and J-45s from the 1960s vary tremendously, and this 1964 example is one of the better adjustable bridge versions. It has the original ceramic saddle, which sounds clearer and crisper than rosewood saddle model that followed a year or two later. This J-50 is almost all original. The nut has been replaced and the guitar may have been refretted, but if it was, it was some time ago. The frets are in otherwise good condition. There are a couple of small repaired cracks just below the bridge (See photo #8); a repaired compression fracture on the top on the bass side of the lower bout (see photo # 16); and a repaired crack in the waist on the treble side (see photo #14). All of the crack repair was well done and the cracks are stable and level. The body finish has been lightly oversprayed and the distinctive Gibson crazing is showing through. There is a spot of discoloration between the pickguard and bridge where it appears the the finish was worn through to the wood but it has been nicely filled in and levelled (see photo #15). This is a great sounding, easy playing guitar with that classic mid-1960s Gibson sound. Includes a recent vintage hardshell case.

stock no. 57339

Back and sidesMahogany
Frets to body14
Nut width1 5/8"
Scale length24 7/8"
Bridge spacing2 1/8"
Bridge materialRosewood
Fretboard MaterialRosewood
Neck materialMahogany
Serial No241921
Neck profileC
Total frets20
Tunersoriginal Kluson
BracingX pattern