The Fender Pro Reverb was, when it was released, the smallest of Fender's larger amps for the era, boasting a pair of twelve inch speakers and roughly 40 watts, this amp is still decidedly loud and powerful by today's standards. The tolex on this amp shows a few signs of age and travel, and while the grille cloth has only one noticeable tear in it, it's in largely great shape. The speakers were replaced at some point with a pair or period correct options (one Oxford and one Utah)The pre-CBS 60's Fender amps of this ilk sport an AB763 circuit which is, by most people's standards, second to none for that classic Fender clean tone. This amp comes with a new footswitch and is ready to make music.

stock no. 60347

ModelPro Reverb-Amp
EffectsReverb, Tremelo
Power40 Watts
ReverbTube Spring
Speakers2 x 12" Oxford
SwitchesBright, Standby, Power
Serial NoA05214