Early 1960s Telecaster Customs don't turn up often and although this one has a refinished body it still has the rest of what counts. The neck is stamped "3 OCT 63B", it has it's original black bottom pickups and original bridge and saddles. The pickguard, switch, and volume pot have been replaced and the neck appears to have been refretted, though there is a notable amount of wear in the frets (photo 9). The control cavity as well as the the bridge pickup have been shielded with copper foil. There is modest wear to the finish on the neck around the fingerboard edges to the 7th fret, as shown. One tuning machine (the 5th string) has been swapped out though the original non-functional gear is in the case. Bridge cover is missing. The guitar was refinished in black quite some time ago (there are many years of wear on the current finish) and while the finish is not equal quality to a factory finish, the binding did remain unmolested in the process. The control cavity has not been modified in any way besides the addition of the copper shielding. It's original case is in quite good shape with all the latches working and it closes securely. Most importantly, the guitar sounds exactly as you would hope; full but twangy bridge, warm but chimey neck.

stock no. 59173

ModelTelecaster Custom
Fretboard Materialrosewood
Neck materialmaple
Body shapeTelecaster
Body woodalder
Total frets22
Tunersoriginal Kluson +1
CaseOrig. Hard
Serial NoL23786
Weight7.9 lbs