The Rickenbacker Electro Model 102 is basically the model 100 with a striking red Fireglo finish. This is a fairly rare model because by the time Rickenbacker started making them in the early 1960s, the popularity of steel guitars was in decline. That being said, this is great sounding guitar in fine structural and cosmetic condition. It's fitted with the famous Rickenbacker horseshoe magnet pickup, which produces the clear but mellow tone that steel players love. The only non-original parts are the knobs.This steel comes with a nice hardshell case.

stock no. 58191

ModelElectro 102 Fireglo
Nut width2 1/16th"
Fretboard MaterialMetal
Pickups1 1/8" horseshoe
Total frets24
TunersKluson Deluxe
CaseOrig. Hard
Serial NoAH599
Body woodMaple