Vega's iconic Peter Seeger PS-5 long neck went through a number of evolutionary changes in a relatively few years, and this is one of earlier versions with several features that soon disappeared. The most obvious surviving link to earlier classic Vega banjos is the wooden dowel stick, which Vega soon replaced with metal coordinating rods. Another "early look" is the Elton banjo tuners, which soon gave way to Grover Rotomatic guitar gears with the buttons sticking out to the sides. A third link to earlier Vega banjo styles is the "Tubaphone" tone ring, which still has the round ports instead of rectangular cut-outs found on later PS-5 and VegaVox models. Does the wooden dowel stick and early Tubaphone tone-ring make this example sound different than a PS-5 from a couple of years later? Hard to say, but later versions of the PS-5, made when the folk revival was running at full speed, outnumber these early versions by probably at least 10 to 1. Gryphon hasn't had a PS-5 with this full complement of early features in several years, and this one is in excellent, original condition. Even the scalloped ODE fifth-string capo has it's own early '60s charm. Almost zero fret wear, making you wonder how much use this PS-5 saw, and suggesting that the "Vegalon Weatherproof" stamped head (photo #12) is the original as well. Somehow we neglected to photograph the original case, which is a Lifton with green lining. There's a little rust and tarnish on the latches, and a few scuffs to the black Keratol covering, so the case is not as immaculate as the banjo but it's all there.

stock no. 50124

ModelPS-5 Pete Seeger 5 String
Scale length32"
Shelllaminated maple
Tone ringTubaphone
Finishoriginal lacquer
CaseOrig. Hard
Serial NoA-100985
Diameter10 15/16"