Nice to see a 7 1/4 lb early '60s Strat with slab rosewood board and the "transitional" sunburst (not strictly two-tone, but not as much red as the three-tone sunburst that followed). End of neck dated "5-60" and pot codes are late 1959. Photos with the pickguard up will be posted soon but nothing has been changed. Original tuners, frets, and all parts except the original volume knob has been replaced and the tremolo arm is also not the original, but that's it for changes to the guitar's original parts. There are faint signs of Magic Marker touch-up to scratches around the output jack, and to nicks to the dark finish on the edges (the owner remembers doing this), plus one dime-sized spot of black touch-up barely visible in photo #15. No other changes to the finish that we could find.


It's not too often we get a prime vintage guitar from the original owner, and this 1960 Strat has been in the same hands since it was purchased new in 1961. It's seen quite a lot of use but while it isn't in mint condition it has seen none of the parts-swapping and well-intended "upgrading" that so many Fenders have suffered. Original case is missing one latch, two spare original springs are included in the case pocket.

stock no. 51875

ModelStratocaster sunburst, one-owner
Fretboard Materialrosewood slab
Neck materialmaple (May 1960)
Body shapeStrat
Body woodalder
Pickups3 Fender single coil
TunersKluson single-line
Finishoriginal lacquer
CaseOrig. Hard
Serial No44553
Weight7.28 lbs