The 5f1 "Champ" is one of Fender's most iconic amplifiers. Originally marketed as a student model amp to acompany the "Champ" lap-steel, the Tweed Champ has been used on countless recordings, owing it's fame to it's low output (around 3 watts) which allows the amp to easily be driven into distortion. Artists like Eric Clapton, Joe Walsh, Billy Gibbons, and Jeff Beck have all utilized the glorious tones of this little box in the studio. This particular amp has had it's AC cable replaced with a modern three prong but appears otherwise stock. While the Tweed Champ is thought of as a 1950s amp, it was in fact made all the way through early 1964, being one of the last models to be converted to "blackface" specifications. Feel free to drop by the shop and play your take on "Layla" or "La Grange" or whatever else through this great instrument.

stock no. 55064

Speakers8" Oxford
Power5 Watts
Tubes12ax7, 6V6GT, 5Y3GT