This Danelectro Deluxe Model 6026 was made in Neptune, NJ in 1959. The Deluxe was the Danelectro’s fanciest model, and while it used the same basic neck and body as Jimmy Page’s black U-2, it upgrades the cosmetics. The body sports an elegant white lacquer finish with Danelectro’s standard pebble-grained vinyl sides. The edges of the Masonite top and back are finished to simulate binding. This Deluxe has the Longhorn-style pickup setup that features a preset tone and concentric pots with the on-off flipper that allows you to quickly activate the volume control of either pickup. This guitar is in very good structural condition with a fair number of minor nicks, dings and scratches. Include the original hardshell case.

stock no. 51155

ModelModel 6026 Deluxe Shorthorn
Nut width1 11/16"
Scale length24 7/8"
Serial Nonsn
CaseOrig. Hard