Here's a Gibson archtop you don't see very often because the mahogany versions like this one were apparently only made for about one year (1946, the majority had laminated maple body). Since the ES-350 and the ES-5 had not yet been introduced, and Les Paul models were still five years away, this ES-300 was Gibson's top electric model at the time. No Factory Order Number (FON) is visible but this must be from early in the year as it has the old-style pearl Gibson script inlay on the headstock, and the P-90 pickup has no visible pole pieces (the semi-transparent celluloid pickup cover makes them hard to see but when the cover is removed those pole pieces are obvious). Remarkably original with the exception of the tailpiece and the pickguard, although it has been refretted, but the finish, tuners, pickup, pots & knobs, and bridge appear to be original. Pickguard is the proper beveled-edge laminated style but is later, which is not surprising since so many Gibson 'guards from this era succumbed to celluloid deterioration. Thankfully the original keystone buttons on the tuners have survived. As these photos show, there's lots of crazing to the original finish and much of the finish on the neck has worn off, but the subtle sunburst on the top is in great condition and the crazing is less dramatic. There is a nicely repaired crack to treble side upper bout (while the top and back are laminated mahogany the sides are solid). Neck is straight, neck angle excellent, this is fully functional electric archtop. Comes in the original Geib case.

stock no. 59009

Toplaminated mahogany
Back and sideslaminated mahogany
Frets to body14
Nut width1 11/16"
Scale length25 3/8"
Bridge materialrosewood
Fretboard Materialrosewood
Neck materialmahogany
Neck profileD
Total frets20
Bracingtwin tone bars
TunersOriginal Kluson, keystone buttons
CaseOrig. Hard
Serial Nono serial number