New reissues of vintage guitars are so great now that most of the time when you play a Holy Grail model like this 1936 Gibson Nick Lucas you wonder if it's worth all the fuss. But if you play this maple Special you'll know what the fuss is about, at least with this example. Volume, tone, balance, this one's got it all in spades. We've carried deep-body smallish guitars for years, from Santa Cruz, Collings, Gibson, Martin, many of them were excellent guitars but none came close to this original Nick Lucas Special. Come in to play it if you can, but be aware that in just a few minutes you'll be spoiled.

This came from Matt Umanov's shop in Manhattan many years ago. Except for the repaired crack to the top, below the bridge, it shows only finish wear from playing and is original throughout. (Note the engraved J. Bovee name on the truss rod cover, a nice touch that Gibson often did for buyers of its more deluxe models.) No sign of internal repairs (except cleats to reinforce the crack.) Original bridge plate. Since it has a very neat shim under the end of the fingerboard that matches the binding we're assuming the neck was reset, and it has been expertly refretted. We don't know who did the work, and neither did Umanov, but it was someone who clearly had experience with vintage Gibsons and knew exactly what they were doing so it's the kind of neck angle correction you hope to see. Original red-line hardshell case completes the package, one of the nicest and best-sounding vintage Gibson flattop models Gryphon has offered.

stock no. 54767

ModelNick Lucas Special
TopAdirondack spruce
Back and sidescurly maple
Frets to body14
Bridge materialrosewood
Fretboard Materialrosewood
Neck materialmahogany
Total frets19
Tunersoriginal Grover
CaseOrig. Hard
Serial No93017
BracingX pattern