You could probably sell the original Grover tuners from this L-30, plus the tailpiece and original Gibson ebony bridge, for almost half what we're asking for the whole guitar with case. Why? Because those parts are the same as used on more valuable vintage Gibson models from the 1930s, where original parts are a big deal. But we're selling this as shown, partly because it's just too cool to rob of its parts, and nobody does black like Gibson. With its carved spruce top with tone-bar bracing this little Gibson has a remarkably impressive acoustic tone with plenty of volume. There are two top cracks, neatly glued and cleated, plus a similarly repaired back crack. Other than those repairs this L-30 appears to be original throughout. Wear to the finish, especially on the back of the neck, is shown in these photos. Neck is nice and straight, some fret wear in first position but lots of miles left on these original frets.

stock no. 54882

Back and sidesmaple
Frets to body14
Bridge materialebony
Fretboard Materialrosewood
Neck materialmahogany
Bracingtone bar
Total frets19
Tunersoriginal Grover
Serial No950B (FON)