It's not often we get a Gibson flattop from this era that has apparently never needed any repair. This one has had no cracks, no loose braces, and nothing has been replaced but the strings (even the bridge pins are original). Yep, it's been played a fair amount, and our photos show the dings and pick scratches to the top. There's a little finish worn through to the mahogany on the peak of the V-shaped back of the neck, and the frets have some wear, but how often do you find an 80+ years old Gibson in such original structural condition? The FON (Factory Order Number) on the neckblock is hard to read, but since there's no back binding this L-00 can't be later than 1936. Current string action is higher than modern "factory standard", but the bridge is fairly tall and could be lowered, and there's some room left to lower the saddle. Yet depending on the playing style, the action might be just about right as it is and if there's ever been a '30s L-00 deserving the "do as little as possible" approach this is it. Comes with the original chipboard case, too. Shop for some vintage clothes and shoes, then warm up the wayback machine.....

stock no. 51145

Back and sidesMahogany
Frets to body14
Nut width1 3/4"
Scale length25"
Bridge materialRosewood
Fretboard MaterialRosewood
Neck materialMahogany
Serial Nono serial number
Neck profileV
Bindingcelluloid on top edge
Total frets19
BracingX pattern
Finishoriginal lacquer
CaseOrig Chip