You don't see many L-12 models from any year, and especially not the earlier 16-inch models like this one. One reason is that the L-12 didn't appear in every Gibson catalog, especially not the smaller abbreviated versions. Another reason is that the L-12 was more expensive than the similar L-7 and L-10, although less expensive than Gibson's flagship L-5. This example is from the last year the L-12 was offered in the smaller 16 inch size,and since it had first appeared in a catalog in 1932 this version had a very short run. It's original throughout, only the pickguard is missing. Original tuners, bridge, and tailpiece, with original finish everywhere with no signs of touch-up and no cracks. The hardshell case is from the same approximate period and although it is an excellent fit it's probably not the original case supplied by Gibson.

stock no. 50930

ModelL-12 (16 inch)
Serial No91858