One of the nicest Vega Vox tenors Gryphon has had and except for the tailpiece (and the Remo head) it's original throughout. Neck has only very slight relief so it's highly playable. Celluloid on the resonator is in great shape except for the gap from shrinkage around the neck heel. Engraving on the fingerboard inlays is remarkably clear and complete, that plus the unworn finish on the back of the neck suggests this Vega Vox didn't see heavy use.

The inlay at the 12-fret, the one Vega designed to show the owner's name, is engraved "K. L. Binford." Binford was a songwriter best known for penning "In My Hideaway," a song published in 1932 and included in the Bing Crosby short film "Sing, Sing, Sing" released in 1932/'33. There's no other documentation linking this Vega Vox to Binford, but it's not a common name and the timing certainly lines up.

Original brown Vega case is in very good functional condition but note the tape on all edges.

stock no. 54749

ModelVox III Tenor
Frets to body19
Neck materialcurly maple
ResonatorDeep Vox
Tone ringTubaphone
Total frets19
Tunersoriginal planets
CaseOrig. Hard
Serial No96891