This is an early OM-28, the second of a batch of ten begun Feb. 17th, 1930. While it has oodles of potential if given a proper restoration, it's seen a lot of repairs and changes over the years so let's get started with the report:

Entire guitar has been refinished, with Martin decal added to headstock. Top was sanded significantly around the perimeter, so you'll see a 2 1/2" section of herringbone has been replaced at the waist (treble side) in photo 12. Another 2 3/4" section of herringbone was replaced near the tailblock as shown in photos 13 & 14. Pickguard replaced, and photo 12 also shows the 3" section of the top that has been replaced between the pickguard and the soundhole rim. Note cracks to top and rosette on bass side of soundhole near the corner of the fingerboard (photo 11), and the top crack shown in photo 12, which is not level. Crack to center of top below bridge is really the center seam opening, and was never reinforced. Back and sides are excellent, no cracks to the back, hairline cracks to the sides: 5" to treble side at waist (reinforced inside with paper), 3" to bass side, these don't show up in photos. Judging by the height of ivoroid binding on back edge the back was not heavily sanded when the guitar was refinished.

Neck has been both thinned and made more narrow in first position, also note the cracks to neck heel as shown in photos 24 & 25. Original banjo-style tuners were replaced long ago, other styles of right-angle gears had been installed before the ones shown here. Neck & tail block and all of the original bracing and linings for both the top and back are intact and haven't been altered, with the exception of the addition of an oversized bridge plate. There is also remnants of a flat brace under the fingerboard, most of which has been removed. Fingerboard is original, note what we assume are added inlays at frets 3 and 10, which were well done. Bridge looks like it may be the original but has been severely cut down to allow lower string action, which is still quite high. Please assume that significant work will be needed to make this early OM-28 playable by modern standards. Comes in the tweed TKL 000/OM hardshell case shown.

stock no. 54448

TopAdirondack spruce
Back and sidesBrazilian rosewood
Frets to body14
Nut width1 11/16" (bone)
Scale length25.4"
Bridge materialebony
Fretboard Materialebony
Neck materialmahogany
Total frets20
Tunersrecent Martin open-back
Finishlacquer (refinished)
Casenew hardshell
Serial No41464
Bracingscalloped X