Thanks to Frank Ford's recent refret, this is a high-grade Vega plectrum that plays as good as it looks and sounds. And with new 5-Star planet tuners, but with the original ivoroid buttons, even the headstock looks vintage but functions as well as a modern banjo. This is a remarkably original Vegaphone, with the serial number on the dowel stick matching the number on the rim, original shaded finish throughout, and original armrest and engraved "Artist" tailpiece. Although we know the Tubaphone tone ring, bracket band, tension hoop and resonator flange are original, we're not 100% sure about the hooks and nuts. They're certainly Vega hardware, but since the nuts are nickel plated we don't want to claim they are original to this banjo (although since you cannot see the nuts on a resonator model, Vega often didn't spend the extra $$ to gold plate parts that were invisible until you removed the resonator, and the dowel stick hardware on this banjo is also not gold plated). Please note that along with the refret, Frank also replaced the ivoroid binding on the fingerboard because it had several cracks and a portion was missing. The brown hardshell case is also original.

stock no. 41572

ModelArtist Plectrum
Scale length26 7/8"
Flange4 piece
Resonatororiginal Vega (maple)
Tone ringTubaphone
CaseOrig. Hard
Serial No94400
Diameter11 inch